Description:  Low profile hardware for PCI slider seat mounts using PCI sliders and side mounts.


Our standard side mount to slider hardware has the bolts tack welded to a plate with the bolt threads and nuts on top of the side mounts just under the seat. In some cases when trying to get the seat as low as possible the hardware may interfere with the seat and not allowing the seat to get in the lowest hole on the side mount. With the low profile hardware the bolts are flipped with the threads going down into the slider for maximum seat clearance.



8 pcs M8 x 1.25 X16 class 10.9 hardware zinc plated

8 pcs M8 x 1.25 X 20 class 10.9 hardware zinc plated

8 pcs M8 X 20 large washer zinc plated

4 pcs CNC machined 304 stainless threaded insert blocks