PCI 6061 Aluminum Race Wing
PCI 6061 Aluminum Race Wing


PCI 6061 Aluminum Race Wing

The PCI wing W-4218 profile has about a 20% increase in down force with a significant decrease in drag compared to our previously sold fiberglass wing. The profile used on our Aluminum wing is an Eppler 421.This profile has been around for decades and has been use in numerous racing applications. This profile has very low drag and is best suited for high speed tracks or lower horsepower cars around or below 300 HP.


  • Made from 6061 aluminum
  • 1.5mm/ .059″ thick extruded aluminum
  • Can be drilled and tapped anywhere on the top or bottom 
  • Available in satin black powder coat or raw aluminum finish
  • 60”(1524mm) 8 pounds


Available lengths we stock: 50”(1270mm), 55″ (1397mm) (60”(1524mm)

Custom lengths up to 60”(1524mm) are available upon request. 

220mm 8.65″ chord

MSRP: $385


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